PML Trustees

At PML Trustees, we deliver excellence in Pension Scheme Trusteeship.

We have many years of experience of being Pension Scheme Trustees and delivering excellence in Pension Scheme Trusteeship. We mainly act as Independent Trustees to Small Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS). We also act through our sister company, Pensions Management Limited, as Consultants to Trustees of larger schemes.

PML Trustees is, effectively, a bare Trust, which does not trade. However, it has a very important role to fulfil in the environment of trust based schemes and pension scheme trusteeship. These are discretionary Trusts, which have particular tax advantages on the death of a member.

We work very closely with our fellow managing Trustees/Members as part of our duties of Pension Scheme Trusteeship. So, if anything happens to one of the Members, we usually know their wishes for the payment out of death benefits. This gives us an advantage over larger organisations who have rarely met and worked with the Members of a Scheme on a one to one basis.

For more information on PML Trustees, Pension Scheme Trusteeship and for an introductory chat, contact us now.

Visit the Pension Regulator website and find out more about Pension Scheme Trusteeship and being a pension scheme trustee.

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