PML Pensions Management

At Pensions Management Ltd, we deliver excellence in Small Self Administered Pension Schemes.

We specialise in Small Self Administered Pension Schemes – ‘SSAS’. For many years, we have been providing expert service and advice for the setting up and running of SSASs for clients of all sizes. Our job is to ensure that every SSAS works as hard as possible at delivering benefits for the members.

We’re independent and experienced

Our independence, knowledge and experience of small self administered pension schemes enables us to devise and present solutions in the complex area of pension self administration. We have been providing expert advice in this ever changing field for more than 15 years. It’s what we do – and what we enjoy!

We’re committed to delivering excellent service

Above all, though, we are committed to providing our clients with excellent levels of service, from the moment we first meet. Whilst many of our clients find their way to us by professional recommendation, we are equally happy to respond to direct client enquiries.

Our services include:

  • Initial discussions and suitability assessment
  • Registering the SSAS with HMRC
  • Making information returns to HMRC
  • Reporting events regarding the scheme and the Scheme Administrator to HMRC on an on-going basis
  • Providing all necessary information to scheme Trustees regarding benefits and transfers, etc.
  • Monitoring all transactions and preparing annual accounts for schemes

How we charge for our services

All of the services we provide for the assessment, establishment and maintenance of a SSAS are fee based and agreed in advance.

All basic scheme administration is provided under a declared annual charge, whilst all additional services are delivered under a time costed structure agreed in advance of any actions being taken.

What is a SSAS?

A Small Self Administered Pension Scheme – a ‘SSAS’- is an Occupational Pension Scheme. Like any pension scheme, a SSAS is a means of saving for retirement – but with a difference. The members of a SSAS enjoy full control over their Scheme assets – both before and after retirement. Freed from restrictive insurance company investment structures, SSAS members enjoy unrestricted access to the full range of asset class investments. These investment asset classes include:

  • Cash Deposits
  • Quoted Stocks
  • Bonds and Collectives
  • Commercial Land and Property
  • Secured Loans

For more information on Small Self Administered Schemes, please visit the FAQ section.

Who can be a member of a SSAS?

As an Occupational Pension Scheme, the members of a SSAS are usually the Directors of the sponsoring and/or participating company. Membership is limited, with all members being Scheme trustees. Every SSAS member may make their own investment decisions, for the investment of their member account – or join with others to make collective investment decisions with the entirety of the fund.

All assets held within a SSAS are protected from the Sponsoring Company.

For more information on PML and Small Self Administered Pension Schemes, and for an introductory chat, contact us now.

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