The remarkable Mr. Osborne has (almost) scrapped pensions tax.

Bulletin 47 starts with our thoughts on the Chancellor’s latest announcement on the proposed easements to pension structures and pensions tax in the UK.

We’ve called the article the remarkable Mr. Osborne, because following on from Pension Freedom, he’s now (almost) scrapped Pensions Tax on death. Click here to read the bulletin, and click here to read more details on what the Treasury has said.

We also look at the imaginative Mr. Cameron, who at his party’s conference suggested that  he was leading a nation where “our debts are being paid down”. In the bulletin we point out that politics aside, our Government’s efforts to ‘pay down our debts’ is pure fiction and that the Government has in fact doubled our debts over the last 4½ years. Click here to read the full article.

Finally, we notice that the way the Office of National Statistics calculates the Nation’s monthly Gross Domestic Product figures now includes the proceeds from illegal drugs, prostitution and charities, which had they been included in the GDP figures during the recession, would have reduced the overall shrinkage of the economy from peak to trough from 7.2% to around 6%. Once again, click here for the full article.

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