SSAS and Brexit Uncertainty

The EU has never liked or understood our Trust law in relation to pensions and because of this the UK Pensions regime has been relatively untouched by the EU, other than the imposition of unisex annuity rates. This is one of the reasons why Small Self Administered Schemes have been left alone by EU Regulators. At a time of uncertainty, this article looks briefly at why a SSAS is a particularly good option right now.

SSAS are a Good Choice in Volatile Market Conditions

In the last few weeks, the markets have been uncertain and volatile as a direct consequence of the result of the Brexit Referendum. So, why should you consider a Small Self-Administered Scheme? The answer is that SSASs are perfect tools for financial protection because there are so many different asset classes you can hold directly under your control under a SSAS.

This diversification of investments within a Small Self Administered Scheme is the ideal approach to lowering volatility in an investment portfolio when times are uncertain, under which the Member Trustee has direct control.

Troublesome SSASs?

As SSAS specialists and with our own Independent Financial Advisor arm, we can provide a full advice and guidance service for your SSAS. Since 2006 it has not been a requirement to have a Pensioneer Trustee/Independent Trustee for a SSAS. As a consequence of this, however, we are being asked now to review such schemes and put them back on track as they have fallen foul of more recent tax legislation.

This legislation can impose huge penalties on SSASs if inappropriate investments are made or if money is taken out of the it that shouldn’t have been. We are here to put your Small Self Administered Scheme back on the straight and narrow, quickly and efficiently!

Contact us for help and advice on SSAS

We specialise in Small Self Administered Pension Schemes and for many years, we have been providing expert service and advice for the setting up and running of SSASs for clients of all sizes. Our job is to ensure that every SSAS works as hard as possible at delivering benefits for the members.

 Contact us or call us on 0121 693 0690 for help and advice if you are interested in a SSAS.



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