Our Bulletins are now on line! Edition 30 is ready to view.

One of our directors writes a regular news bulletin, giving his personal views on a whole host of financial and economic topics, as well as small self administered schemes, and now you can read them here.

They have proven to be very popular with the recipients, who welcome, appreciate and often comment on the opinions expressed. They come out every 4 – 6 weeks, and until now, have been sent in PDF format as email attachments.

Now, the bulletins are available on this website, and we’ve just published the most recent one – our 30th edition. Click here to read it. You’ll also find editions 25 – 29 there as well, and we’ll add all 24 others over the next few weeks too. Whenever we publish a new bulletin, we’ll let all recipients know by e-mail. If you’re not on our database and would like to receive this email, simply sign up to receive our bulletin using the form at the top.

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