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Pensions Rethought

'Original Thinking' and 'Pensions Administration' may seem an unusual pairing of business qualities – but our determination to always combine the two, best describes our unique approach to our specialisation in Small Self Administered Schemes.

Pension rethinking not only describes our approach to Self Administration but also defines our appeal to all who have a need to combine corporate and personal tax efficiency within their company and personal decision making.

We are Experts in Small Self Administered Schemes

PML have been Small Self Administered Pension Scheme Trustees and Administrators for over 20years - but it was the sweeping pension tax changes, brought in on 'A Day' in 2006, that created a need for fundamental ‘pensions rethinking’.

In April of that year the government’s Pension Simplification legislation took away many of the restrictions that so bedevilled retirement planning. Further Budgetary easements followed over subsequent years – leading to the arrival of the extraordinarily attractive ‘Flexible Pensions’ world we have today.

Gone are the days of arcane scheme rules, opaque trusteeship and remote institutional fund management - pensions have finally grown wings and learnt to fly!

Pension Flexibility Demands Pensions Rethinking

Pensions are now moveable, transferable, investable and personally controllable. In fact, the revolution in pensions has been so complete that few corporate issues or pivotal company decisions can be taken without ‘pensions’ being a major consideration.

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Contact us for our Help and our Advice on Rethinking your Pensions.

At PML, we look upon  ‘pensions’ as multi-role tools for grown-ups. We innovate, conserve, protect and problem solve.  We advise and we manage.  

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PML Financial Services

Financial Services Rethought

PML Financial Services – We deliver excellence in Financial Services

We are Independent Financial Advisers, offering solutions to both individuals and companies, particularly in the pension and investment markets. We also come out strong in Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax and Individual Tax Planning.

Our aim is to offer professional advice in an approachable manner. We deal primarily with the Directors of small companies, delivering tailored financial advice in an approachable manner to these Directors as well as their employees, either in their working capacity or as individuals – regardless of age.

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