How we work closely with Financial Advisers (1)

At Pensions Management Limited, we often work with a client’s Financial Adviser. Such cases usually involve us in: providing good administration, commercial property purchase, flexible use of options or just listening and talking about possible options and alternatives. We have always prided ourselves in being approachable.

A Financial Adviser asked us to take over the administration of a SSAS

One such example was when a Financial Adviser had a client with an insured SSAS. Dealing with the Insurance Company concerned and the administration of the scheme had become difficult. In April 2006 the Insurance Company resigned as Pensioneer Trustee (as did many others) leaving the scheme with member trustees and no independent trustee.

We were approached to take over the administration and were appointed Independent Trustee – a roll that we always feel is beneficial to all member trustees as we have a close working relationship and can provide hands on guidance. We were happy to take on the trusteeship and administration leaving the Financial Adviser to advise on the investment portfolio.

We achieved a positive outcome for the Financial Adviser and the Client

The investments of the scheme consisted of an insured policy for each member plus a large investment portfolio administered by the Financial Adviser. Having researched the files provided we were able to bring the administration completely up to date to the satisfaction of the Financial Adviser and the client.

At PML we aim to deliver excellence in Small Self Administered Schemes. If you would like to see if we can do for you or your client, please contact us for an initial, no commitment, chat.